Todays pick from the kitchen !

Hello everyone , so just now i tried some Goat with the Cabbage n peas and chickpeas over Rice and some raw spinach . I would rather insist you all to try this . You won't be disappointed . It will keep you happy all day along , i can promise you that . 

Our New Blog

Our New Blog

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Here we are only a few months into 2018 and already Indigo has had an incredible amount of growth and exciting developments! While we personally know a great deal of you guys, we're just so busy these days that we can't always catch up on the front patio with a cold Kingfisher.


In an effort to remedy this, we have decided to start this blog. We want our loyal and amazing customers to be up to date on the exciting future we're working hard to build. We look forward to having you all along for the ride!



Dinesh & Nidhi Tandon along with The Indigo Family